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MDF-500 Binary Disinfectant Cleaner

(Controlled Environment Solutions) MDF-500 cleaner and disinfectant features a highly effective binary (two-part) formula with Part A and Part B application. It is an EPA-registered decontaminant, disinfectant, cleaner and fungicide intended for use in clinics, hospital intensive care units, high-risk patient care areas, surgical suites or wherever strict control of cross-contamination is critical. It is also highly effective at controlling mold and mildew, even on porous surfaces. Available in 1 or 15 gal. kits or in special 22-oz. LSA-100 dual-liquid sprayer. Refill, spray head and shoulder holster are also available separately.

Cat. No. Mfr. No. Description Qty.
MDF-500-4 2503 1 gal. each part A and part B 2/cs
MDF-500-15 2504 15 gal. each part A and part B 1/cs
Dual-Liquid Sprayer
MDF-500-8 2501 Bottle with spray head 8/cs
MDF-500-80 2502 Refill cartridge 8/cs
MDF-100S 2506 Spray head only 1/bx
MDF-SHLDR 2507 Shoulder holster 1/bx

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B Braun Introcan Safety IV Catheter

Introcan Safety® IV Catheter
Where Safety is Automatic, Not an Option

With the B. Braun Introcan Safety® IV Catheter you are getting a truly passive device. The safety shield deploys automatically and cannot be bypassed.

Available in:
•  Polyurethane or FEP
•  Winged or straight
•  24G to 14G
•  0.55” to 2.5” in length
Click here to see how it works

Or contact your Cardinal Health Representative for more information on how the B. Braun Introcan Safety IV Catheter can minimize needlestick injuries, increase activation and raise your facility’s standard of care. Visit www.introcansafety.
for more product information.