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Premium Hematoxylin Stains

  • Mercury-free
  • 3 formulations

(Thermo Fisher Scientific) This family of progressive hematoxylin stains provides the maximum delineation of nuclear chromatin. An antioxidant additive helps prevent the formation of a metallic sheen, so there´s no need for daily filtering.

Hematoxylin 7211 Stain S7439-1 is the classic formulation for histology or cytology. It provides unsurpassed nuclear detail and has the flexible properties of Harris and Gill stains. It will not stain mucin. Use with Clarifier 1 S7439-9 to help eliminate background stain.

Hematoxylin 1 Stain S7439-2 is used to delineate cell nuclei. It renders different nuclear staining intensities based on time and does not form crystals. Use it in both histology and cytology. Clarifier 1 S7439-9A and -10 (availabel separately) helps eliminate background stain.

Hematoxylin 2 Stain S7439-3 produces an intense, dark nuclear stain with crisp nuclear detail and with no crystal formation. Use for histology; recommended for frozen sections. Use with Clarifier 2 S7439-11A and -12 (available separately) to help eliminate background stain.

Four 1-pt. bottles of stain per case.

Cat. No. Mfr. No. Description
S7439-1 7211 Hematoxylin 7211
S7439-2 7221 Hematoxylin 1
S7439-3 7231 Hematoxylin 2

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