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Myers-Stevens Group

Count-10™ Pipets and Separators

(Myers-Stevens Group) Count-10™ sediment separators retain 0.8mL of urine and sediment. The resulting consistency in sediment concentration helps improve test reliability. Automatic SedPet™ pipet method uses the Count-10™ brand AutoPet™ pipet handle and reusable SedPet™ tips. Operating on vacuum power from mechanical or water filter pumps, the automatic system offers rapid removal and sanitary disposal of urine supernate. It minimizes contact with potentially infectious specimens and is ideal for large batch test runs.

Versatile SedPet II pipets retain sediment concentrate during decanting step. Pipet hooks over side of urine tube and remains secure, avoiding urine contamination of bulb while decanting, and bulb retains a consistent 0.8mL of sediment concentrate. Use SedPet™ II pipets as transfer pipets to mix and deliver sample to test slide.

Click Stick sediment separators hook to rim of urine tube and retain sediment during decanting step. Use sampler pipet to transfer sediment to test slide.

Cat. No. Mfr. No. Description Qty. Pkg
U3035-9 10-0900 AutoPet™ pipet handle  
U3035-5 10-0500 Automatic SedPet™ pipet 500
U3035-18 10-0530 SedPet™ II pipet 500
U3035-6 10-0600 Sampler pipet 500
U3035-16 10-0520 Click Stick™ sediment separator 500
U3035-17 10-0620 Click Stick™ sediment separator/sampler combination pack 500

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